Brow tinting is a 10-15-minute procedure that has the potential of changing your life. The patchy arches are accentuated, giving your brows a bold personality of their own.

The treatment entails applying a mild dye to the arches of the brows for 10 to 15 minutes. Tinting dyes the lighter hair, resulting in a fuller and beautiful shape. The tint lasts for four to six weeks, eventually fading naturally to your original colour.

The treatment is safe, and no adverse reactions to the treatment have been reported. Vaseline is used during the application of the dye to protect the area and form a barrier to prevent the cream from remotely getting close to the eyes. Disposable eyebrow spoolies are utilized to apply the dye and are disposed of immediately after. Damp cotton pads are also used to cover the surrounding eye area, for the soak up of any runaway tint.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting

Getting our eyebrows tinted offers numerous benefits

Saves time: Majority of people spend at least 10-15 minutes colouring in their eyebrows with a pencil. You can now spend that time to make a coffee or smoothies, cleaning up, taking a few selfies or simply hitting in more sleep. You don’t spend a lot of time at the salon getting the tint either, the process itself only takes 10-15 minutes and takes the hassle off of your hands for four to six weeks.

No Pain: Getting your eyebrows threaded and waxed may be an extremely painful process but eyebrow tinting is absolutely pain-free. An artist starts the process by selecting the right tint for you and then applies vegetable dye to each brow hair, leaving you with fuller and defined brows. Be assured that the dye does not stain the skin.

No Error: We have all over-plucked our eyebrows and spent the next hour trying to contain the damage, sometimes making the situation even worse. The ordeal leaves us in a bad mood and we are sure that our tiny mistake is over casting our entire appearance. Eyebrow tinting helps you never face such situations again. The eyebrow artist will tint your brown for a flattering look and no alterations will be needed thereafter. Even if you want to pluck your brows after, the tint will guide in shaping them up.

Less Makeup: Eyebrow tinting gives your face a natural and clean enhancement. The look can easily look complete with a little or no makeup, since it fills in the lighters and presents full thick eyebrows that will beautifully define your face.

Visit Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa

An essential part of getting your eyebrows tinted is finding a beauty salon that will accomplish the job with a great level of expertise and precision. Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa, located in Vancouver, BC, has been dedicated to fulfilling the needs of their clients since 2003. Our services are designed to make you feel and look good.

Our expert brow tinting service will give you beautiful and full brows at extremely affordable prices. Visit our site to view all our services and price lists. You may call us at 604-738-6245 or email us at

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