Using a infrared sauna is a luxurious experience that is incredibly enjoyable for those who partake in it. Saunas are not just for enjoyment, however, even though sitting in their inviting warmth is lovely, they also have an incredible amount of health benefits that may be surprising. From more obvious things, such as aiding in pain reduction, to much more obscure things, like help with learning and creation of new brain cells, saunas can help with all of these and many more. Here are six sometimes surprising health benefits of having regular saunas.


    Weight Loss

Saunas can help people lose weight. This is because of many individual benefits of saunas coming together to spur on weight loss. Saunas improve insulin sensitivity, which helps clear glucose from the blood. Saunas promote growth hormones. Saunas assist in detoxification. All of these three things combined will help you lose weight, and the detoxification is important because fat can hold onto toxins and heavy metals that need to be flushed as you lose weight.


    Saunas Reduce Stress

Whether you are exposing yourself to extreme cold or extreme heat, as you do in a sauna, you can train your body to become less stressed. This is because of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is released by the adrenal gland into the bloodstream. Almost all the cells in your body respond to cortisol, which is released in situations when a situation becomes stressful. Cortisol is necessary, but too much cortisol can cause rapid weight gain, high blood pressure, skin changes, mood swings, and increased thirst. Using saunas regularly can help regulate cortisol and protect you against some of the extreme results of stress.


    Improve Your Immune System

It only takes 15 minutes in a sauna to give your immune system a boost. White blood cell counts go up after a sauna session and can help you prevent catching the flu or the common cold.


    Saunas can Help those with Chronic Fatigue

A form of therapy for those who suffer from chronic fatigue is using a sauna every single day for 35 days straight. Between day 15-25 symptoms are already starting to show improvement, which includes sleep disturbance, pain, fatigue, and low-grade fever. After the 35-day mark saunas can be discontinued and patients will not experience a relapse during the next year.  


    Saunas Reduce Pain

Both chronic headache pain and headache sensitivity can be reduced by having regular saunas. After eight weeks of regular sauna use, groups that suffer from either chronic headaches or headache sensitivity report significantly lower pain. Those with general chronic pain and arthritis also found that they have reduced pain if they had daily saunas.


    Saunas Can Make You Smarter!

There is a misconception that you cannot make new brain cells. While brain cells do not replenish themselves at the same rate as other cells in the body, they do replenish themselves. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) increases the grown of new brain cells and also helps to protect neural connections. When you have a sauna, due to heat stress, your BDNF increases, which can help you learn faster and protect yourself against anxiety and depression.


At Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa we have an infrared sauna for our guests to use so that they can benefit from the myriad of health advantages that saunas offer. Come in today and start your sauna journey.

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