Pedicures are a fantastic way to boost your confidence and de-stress. Beautiful and healthy feet are just a bonus! Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa on Hornby Street, Vancouver, especially guarantees a journey of calmness and serenity to all their visitors.


Imagine taking a trip to the spa for a pedicure. Your legs will be wrapped around with warm towels, and warm wax will be poured on your feet. You will be tended to with a deep tissue massage from the knee all the way down to the foot. After a massage session, you will feel extremely relaxed and worry-free.


Once your pedicure is over, you will get up only to see your beautiful feet and toes. If you suffer from dry and cracked skin, a good pedicure is bound to leave your feet smooth and soft.  You can wear any sandals with great conviction. Nail polish and art are a fantastic way to show off your personality and style. You may choose from a variety of designs or bring your own as inspiration. A good pedicure will leave your toenails sparkling and compliment your glowing feet.

At Absolutely Fabulous Urban, pedicures are comprised of Thai herbal foot bath, callus treatment, exfoliation, massage and polish. They utilize Footlogix Pediceuticals which are pharmaceutical grade skin care products for the feet.

Health Benefits

Pedicures also do a lot for your health. Spa soaks works to increase your blood circulation from your ankles to your lower legs, which alleviates swelling and pain while distributing heat throughout the body, resulting in healthy joints and skin. The massages are also therapeutic and work to relieve stress. Feet often get the short end of our caring stick, despite being vital to our overall health.

Pedicures are an opportunity for pedicurists to uncover early indications of fungal infections, corns and bunions, which are easier to treat if detected earlier. Exfoliation during pedicures also removes dead skin cells, preventing cells from collecting and causing corns and bunions, which are very painful and uncomfortable conditions. Removal of dead skin cells also paves a way to new cell growth for smooth and attractive feet. Cutting and cleaning toenails also prevent them from growing inward and cause a severe infection. Your feet will also be disease and odour free after getting rid of bacteria and dirt.

Moisturizing your body is essential, especially during the cold months. However, our feet sometimes get left out from our deep lotion routines. Pedicures are comprised of massages with lotions and oil, accompanied with a soak in warm water. Maintaining moisture on our feet will result in a reduction of cracks and blisters.

Book an appointment at Absolutely Fabulous Spa

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of pedicures, book an appointment today and have your feet treated. After all, you’ve got to thank them for a lot. Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa is located at 1500 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC.

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