Lately, it seems that a ton of people have been tweeting and pinning about two types of manicures. When it comes to these two gorgeous manicures, which one would you choose?

1. The Jewel-box Manicure

This now infamous manicure was created by blogger LoveMaegan—who also created the incredible waterfall braid. For this manicure, each nail is painted with a different jewel, and the little gems are added to a few fingers to create an accent.

2. The Beaded Pink Manicure

With this nail trend, a pale pink is coated with your nails and then tiny bold beads are placed. To mimic this look, use Martha Stewart Crafts gold glass microbeads, which you can purchase at Michael’s. If they aren’t available, you can find similar beads at the craft store, or even the dollar store if you luck out!

Out of these two fall nail trends, which ones will you most likely be wearing?

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