Qualified massage therapist in a registered massage therapy Vancouver gives expert advice and treatments to even those who are suffering from extreme chronic problems and sports injuries also.

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A large number of people have received the benefit of registered massage therapy Vancouver who has qualified expert massage therapists.

Types of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a proven medical procedure which helps the body to rejuvenate and recharge itself through relaxation.

Various types of massage therapies delivered in different styles give benefits to young persons and old age ones as well.

Massage, is a common growing trend in spas and hotels to provide comfort and relaxation.

Massage is considered to be more than a luxury as de-stresses the body from anxiety, workload and stress so that you may begin all your new day with energy and enthusiasm.

Registered massage therapy Vancouver

Hot Stone Massage

In this particular therapy, stones are heated slightly over 10 degrees of temperature, and then are placed on the shoulders and on the back which provide relaxation to the body and facilitate better blood circulation.

The massage therapists may place the stone and continue treatment on other parts of the body at the same time.

Registered massage therapy in Vancouver widely uses hot stone therapy massage, and the public response to the same has made it become very popular as well.

Swedish massage Therapy

This particular type of massage is very a popular therapy preferred by a large number of people.

Therapists in Vancouver recommend this therapy quite regularly. Oil is placed on the body and further it is applied with the help of different massage strokes.

This body massage requires between 60 to 90 minutes for completion and is considered to be the most relaxing way of therapy.


This technique of massage involves pressure to be applied to the acupuncture points on the body to relieve them from stress and other problems.

This technique engages acupuncture and cures the problem directly.

Pregnancy Massage

There is a massage which is exclusively for pregnant women. Commonly known as the prenatal massage, this technique entails therapists to employ special massage movements on a woman’s body.

Specialists who excel in this particular form of massage are required to the techniques of properly handling and supporting an expecting woman’s body during the duration of the massage.

Pregnancy massage benefits by reducing aches and pains, swellings, and also decrease the feelings of anxiety and depression, which are common in most pregnant women.


This one focuses on the feet. It may appear to be like any other foot massage, but it is quite elaborate actually.

The procedure entails pressure being applied to the foot, that directly impact on particular organs and systems in the body.

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