This year, people are getting extra creative with their Halloween costumes. The trends include 2012 movie characters, pop stars, and a child pageant contestant/reality TV star.

Dressing up as Honey Boo Boo Child is one of the most popular Halloween costumes of this year.

Business seems to be booming for the Halloween business, and people are dressing up characters from the Dark Knight Rises, the Avengers, and the Hunger Games.

Other costumes include Honey Boo Boo Child from the TLC show Honey Boo Boo, pop singer Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Anastasia Steele from the best-selling novel 50 Shades of Grey, and characters from Adventure Time, a cable network cartoon.

In addition, over one million adults and kids will dress as an athlete as a nod to the London Olympics, or party-goers are likely to sport a political costume. For pop-culture get-ups, Super Mario Bros, and Star Wars characters are a popular option.

Despite 2012 pop culture icons being a popular choice, plenty of classic favourites are also flying off the shelves. The top three adult costumes were a witch, a vampire, and a pirate. For kids, nearly 10% will dress as a princess, 5.4% as Batman, and 4.6% as Spiderman.

For pets, the most popular Halloween costumes are pumpkins, devils, and hot dogs.

At Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa, we wish you the best Halloween holiday, and hope to see you at our spa soon!

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