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LightSheer DUET Laser

Our Spa has the most advanced equipment LightSheer DUET laser, offering you the most effective hair removal in a relaxing Spa atmosphere. We provide a free consultation prior to any laser treatment.

LightSheer Duet Provides Speed, Comfort, and Flexibility. Virtually Pain-Free, Fast Treatments with Proven Results.


NEW LightSheer DUET

Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa is proud to introduce the LightSheer Duet Laser Hair Removal System, a revolutionary Gold Standard Technology, for permanent hair reduction with exciting speed and amazing comfort without anesthetics and gels.
LightSheer DUET laser hair removal is a top of the line laser system that is the most effective and safest hair removal laser currently on the market, but it’s also the least painful.
Featuring a 22×35 mm spot size, it is able to treat large areas such as the back and legs up to 75% faster than previous laser hair removal platforms and with virtually no pain. Treatment of a full back or full legs will now take 15 minutes instead of one hour or more, as required with other laser systems. The high-speed handpiece also utilizes fully integrated vacuum assist technology which enables the system to more efficiently deliver energy to the treated area. This improved efficiency and the vacuum-assist technology reduces the discomfort to a virtually painless experience. This increased efficiency means more results with less laser energy and therefore less discomfort.


LightSheer ET Diode

A wide variety of people are now looking to remove undesired body hair on virtually all body parts, and because of this ever-increasing demand, we must now offer an excellent, results-driven solution. The LightSheer Diode Laser System offers high powers and both short and very long pulses to safely and effectively treat all skin types and the broadest range of hair colors, diameters, and depths. The recognized “Gold Standard” for hair removal, the LightSheer family of diode laser systems represents quintessential simplicity in a state-of-the-art package.


How is it done?

Laser hair removal process is the way by which concentrated beams of light are applied to your skin in order to destroy the roots of body hair. Just before the beginning of the actual process, the hair in the specific area should be trimmed down to a couple of millimetres above skin surface.

The laser equipment would then be adjusted according to your hair colour, thickness, and location of hair and skin type. The upper layer of the skin should be covered with a thick, cool gel in order to allow all the heat to pass into the next layer without causing any harm to the surface skin.

After your laser hair removal process is complete, you will be given ice-packs, cold water, or anti-inflammation creams in order to soothe your skin. Do not reschedule your next session until 4 to 6 weeks later. You will have to continue these sessions until the unwanted hair stops to grow completely.


Precautions to take

Laser hair removal process is not just a beauty treatment. It is a medical procedure. So be careful about the doctor/beautician you go to. It is your own skin at stake, so do not hesitate to carefully check the credentials of the technicians who will be entrusted with the responsibility of your treatment.

Moreover, if you are planning for laser hair removal, it is better not to apply any kind of waxing, plucking or electrolysis processes to your skin for the previous 6 weeks in order to get the best results. You should also take care to avoid direct sunlight for four to six weeks before and after the treatment.


The Benefits

The benefits of laser hair removal process are manifold. Unlike waxing, shaving or plucking, it removes the roots of your unwanted body hair, permanently. So it’s particularly helpful for those who suffer from excessive hair growth in undesirable areas.

Laser hair removal process enables you to flaunt flawless, smooth skin, all the year round without having to spend much time on its maintenance. The only maintenance you need is probably the basic care of your skin during the 5 to 6 sessions of your laser hair removal process.

After that, the path to smoothness becomes a cakewalk. It will also prevent the growth of any painful ingrown hair that often bothers people who go for simple waxing or shaving. And finally, it will be the most cost-effective solution for you.

Apart from the initial investment that goes into a laser hair removal process, there is hardly any additional or recurring cost. Even if you spend some money on careful maintenance of your skin after the laser therapy, the expenses will be nothing compared to repeated waxing or other forms of hair removal.

So if you want to avoid the pain of plucking, tweezing or waxing, just go for a hassle-free laser hair removal process. It is cost-effective and a permanent solution to all your hair removal problems.

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Ladies Prices

Laser LightSheer DUET

  • Complimentary laser consultation for the 1st time customers
  • Special pricing on prepaid series {buy 4, get the 5th treatment free}
  • Anything after 10 treatments is considered maintenance which is 50% off the regular price per session

Gentlemen prices

Laser LightSheer DUET gentlemen

  • Complimentary laser consultation for the 1st time customers
  • Special pricing on prepaid series {buy 4, get the 5th treatment free}
  • Anything after 10 treatments is considered maintenance which is 50% off the regular price per session

We’ll beat any price you find at other laser clinic or spa by 10% of the difference!



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