Did you know that over-tweezing your eyebrows can ruin their shape? Be sure to let your eyebrows grow in for a more natural looking brow.

Doing your eyebrows can be a tricky process. Whether you have them waxed, threaded, or tweezed, there are a few daily tricks that can help improve the look of your eyebrows. Here are some tips on how to make your eyebrows look their best:

Avoid Tweezing Too Much

The majority of women tweeze their eyebrows every single time they see a hair. Unless it is far away from the brow and looks extremely out of place, don’t bother with tweezing every last one of those hairs. Even if one hair looks out of place, if you stop tweezing, a whole line of hair will appear and make it more natural. Also, if your threader or waxer is trying to have you grow out your brows due to overplucking or overwaxing, then they will need that line of hairs.

Apply Makeup

Brow makeup can make a world of difference. Follow the way your natural brow grows and backward of colour by going in a backwards and forward direction with a brow pencil. Blend the pencil in with your hand or a soft brush. If you are a person who has bald spots, use brow powder first so you can fill in those spots, and then use your pencil. Then use a brush and go in all directions, and then take a tissue to clean up any mess. This will give you a very subtle and natural look. As for colour, go two shades lighter than your brow’s colour so that it looks like you have made an enhancement to your brows.

Figure out your Shape

If you do brows yourself and not with a professional, be sure that your brows compliment your face shape. If you have a heart-shaped face, round eyebrows counterbalance round cheeks. For square faces, these suit a far-out arch, while oval faces need a good arch.

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