When it comes to hair removal, there are endless solutions to get rid of unwanted hair. For waxing, most people are familiar with soft waxing, but there is also another waxing method called hard waxing, which uses hard and stripless wax. This method of waxing offers a painless approach to hair removal.

The Difference Between Soft Waxing and Hard Waxing

Strip wax has a low melting point, which makes it spread thin and removed with a strip before the wax can cool. With hard wax, it is warmed to the body’s temperature, and it can be spread thin or thick depending what your hair is like. The wax then cools down and becomes pliable, which allows the waxing specialist to remove the wax whenever they feel is necessary. This wax is also alcohol-free, which prevents the wax from hardening and breaking. This allows your waxer to lay down multiple strips so your service can be completed much faster.

Why Hard Wax is Preferred by our Clients

Here are some reasons why people prefer hard wax:

  • It does not adhere to the skin, only to the hair. Because of this, there is a slim chance of skin irritations including redness and bumps.
  • It is much gentler on the skin and requires less force to pull out the hair.
  • Hard wax is minimally painful due to the lack of contact with skin.

While hard wax clearly has more benefits over soft wax, be sure that you are going to a spa that has only the top-of-the-line wax. At Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa, we use the most high-quality hard wax from Paris. If you haven’t tried hard waxing before, be sure to book an appointment with us today. Our friendly waxing professional, Barbara, will give you a world-class hard waxing treatment!

Most of our clients prefer the hard waxing treatment because it is gentle on the skin, and is minimally painful.

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