For some women, hair removal is a tedious process that they would rather not have to do, yet end up doing upwards of every single day to achieve the smooth legs and underarms of their dreams. Some women also have hair in places that they would rather not, such as on their upper lip or jawline, or an overabundance of thick, dark hair on their forearms. Shaving every day becomes tiring, and treatments like waxing can be painful and costly. That is why at Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa we offer laser hair removal in Vancouver that will let you say goodbye to razors and wax strips! Laser hair removal is a great alternative to traditional hair removal treatments. It is safe, effective and it is better than its more painful counterpart electrolysis.

So how does laser hair removal work?

A laser hair removal machine emits a beam of light that targets melanin in the hair and at the growth centre of the hair (the inside of the follicle, which is called the bulb). The light makes it so that the hair dies at the root and makes it so that the follicle cannot produce hair for a time in the future. Ideal candidates for laser hair removal have dark hair and lighter skin. However, newer technology that uses longer wave beams of light is appropriate for darker skin.

Laser hair removal does take multiple treatments to work. On average, about six treatments are needed to achieve the desired results. This is because not all hairs are actively growing at once. They are considered to be at a “resting” stage rather than a growth one, and so the laser is ineffective on these hair follicles. This is why you will have to come in again later, when those hair follicles are producing hair, having them treated as well.

There are fears and misconceptions regarding the pain you will experience when you get laser hair removal. Some people report having a mild discomfort when they receive the treatment, but the pain level caused by laser hair removal is very tolerable and should not be feared. If you are more sensitive to pain, then you can use a topical numbing cream before you get treatment to help.

Before your treatment make sure that you do not tan; do not bleach, pluck, or wax any hairs four weeks prior; remove all lotions and makeup, and make sure that you shave the area before the treatment.

The team at Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa want to help you look and feel your best. If you think that laser hair removal is the right procedure for you, then contact us today and we will be more than happy to start you on your laser hair removal journey.

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