Massage therapy is as old as the dawn of early civilization. Right from the Egyptians to the Indians and Chinese, massage has worked wonders to heal the mind, body and soul for centuries. Have you ever had a massage that did not leave your muscles tingling with delight? Have you ever returned with more aches and pains than you went with? Are aching muscles from intensive massages good or bad for you?

Skillful massage therapy comes with a lot of benefits. It can heal injuries and health disorders. In many nations, massage therapy is acknowledged as a medically approved alternative healing technique that complements regular health care under physicians. On the flipside, massage from uncertified practitioners can do more harm than good.

Our licensed professionals at Absolutely Fabulous Spa, shed a few myths about massage therapy below:

Myth #1: All massages are the same

False. There are various kinds of massages, each of which is designed for specific health needs. For instance, a foot massage focuses on every nerve and pressure point on your leg from the toes to the shins, that is connected to various parts of your body. A Swedish massage offers gentle rejuvenation for the entire body; a Thai massage reduces joint stiffness and an Aroma oil massage destress both the mind and the body by combining the scent of healing oils with deep tissue massage techniques.

Myth #2: Massage is meant for temporary relief

False. Massage therapy by trained therapists are meant to provide long term relief for various ailments. You can heal from chronic pains such as a migraine, Sciatica, and spinal disorders with regular massage treatments. Trained therapists are aware of intensive techniques such as applying pressure to targeted trigger points around the neck, shoulder and head, to release tension.

Myth #3: Massage hurts the body

Massage is meant to alleviate pain. Deep tissue massage can hurt, especially if you haven’t been for a treatment in a long time. If you feel pain, you must inform the therapist or chiropractor at once. They will adjust the pressure to reduce discomfort. A deep tissue massage can leave you feeling a bit sore, but it’s “good pain,” quite like body ache after an intensive work out.

However, people respond differently to massage pressure. Some prefer gentle rubs while others respond better to a bit more pressure.

Myth #4: Massage can spread cancer cells to other parts of the body.

This is completely untrue. Cancer cells are created from immune system disorders. There is no medical evidence of a correlation between massage and the spread of cancer cells.

Myth #5: You need to hydrate after a massage

Some therapists agree to this, while others beg to differ. They argue that if the kidneys and the liver are functioning normally, then the body does not require more water immediately after a massage. However, it never harms the body to be hydrated at any given point of time. A glass of water or hot herbal tea can complete the feeling of rejuvenation that one feels after any massage therapy.

Myth #6: Massage is good for only the muscles

False. Massage therapy stretches and heals not just the muscles but also joints, connective tissues, bones and other organs. Massage increases flexibility and suppleness, flushes out toxins through body fluids, increases blood circulation and moves nutrients through the body to aid digestion and speed healing.

Rejuvenating Massage Therapy at Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa, Vancouver

Massage releases tension, alleviates stress, brings down high blood pressure, reduces jet lag, relieves insomnia and cures chronic aches and pains. At Absolutely Fabulous Health Spa, our trained therapists are proficient in a wide variety of massages devised to provide relief in various ways from Deep Tissue to Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and more. For continued health and vitality, schedule regular massages at Absolutely Fabulous Urban Spa.

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