The long-lasting results of getting a bikini or Brazilian way far outways the pain you’ll likely experience, at least for some people. Waxing is a great option for the summer months when you do not want to shave every other day. Here are ten things you should know to prepare for your first, or 15th, Brazilian wax.

Avoid Going on Your Period

You are much more sensitive during that annoying time of the month. Unless you don’t mind the extra pain, try to schedule an appointment at least three days before or after your period.

Don’t Shave Beforehand

Hair needs to be present in order for the waxing process to be successful. If you shave before your appointment, even a day or two, your hair won’t be long enough for the wax to grip onto. Leave your hair at least ¼ inch long to ensure great results.

You Have Options

There are many ways to get waxed, so figure out what you want before laying down on the table. A bikini wax only takes pubic hair off the sides, while a Brazilian wax gets rid of everything, front, and back. Or you can try getting a full-bush Brazilian wax, which removes
everything except a little triangle, or whatever shape you want, in the front. Go with whichever option makes you the most comfortable.

Always Shower

Especially if it’s your first Brazilian wax, taking a shower the day of will make you more comfortable baring it all to a stranger. It’s also appreciated by your waxer. Taking a warm shower or bath will open up your pores, making the waxing process less painful. Use a mild
exfoliant a few days before as well.

Prepare to be Exposed

Your waxer is a professional and has likely seen hundreds of public areas throughout their careers, so try not to feel too self-conscious when exposing yourself. Some places may offer disposable underwear for a bikini wax, but for a Brazilian, prepare for your lower body to be completely naked.

It’s Painful

Waxing hurts. There’s no way around that. The degree in which it will hurt varies from person to person, but be prepared for some level of pain. Even treatments that claim to be virtually painless can hurt. Having extremely thin hair or using a numbing cream beforehand can lessen the pain but you’re still having hair ripped from our body. It’s going to hurt, especially if you have coarse body hair.

It’s a Personal Experience

If you have a lot of hair being removed, you may need to spread your legs quite a bit. Your waxer needs access to all areas, and unless you don’t mind having a random patch of hair here and there, you might need to strut a few awkward poses to get the job done.

Leftover Hairs

While waxing removes the majority of hair, there are times when a hair or two gets left behind. Instead of using more wax for a few strands, your waxer will likely remove them with tweezers. They may not warn you, so be prepared or ask after they’re done waxing you.

Irritated Skin

Your skin will often turn red and become irritated after being waxed. Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment, and for the rest of the day to avoid friction. Too much friction can lead to more irritation. While any redness should clear up overnight, try using some
hydrocortisone cream to soothe irritation. It calms any inflammation, stops itchiness and reduces redness.

Let it Heal

Prepare for a day of relaxation and minimal sun exposure, because your pubic area needs time to heal and breathe before throwing on a bikini and hitting the beach. Let your skin recover after what you’ve just put it through.

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